The coca cola company csr policy

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The coca cola company csr policy

Aboutwomen were involved inan increase of 22 percent over the previous year. The company is on track in its endeavour to unlock the economic potential of 5 million women worldwide by When women work together they create a chain of inspiration: Water Water use is extensive across all components of energy and food production.

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. The company claims to adhere to the "highest ethical standards" and to be "an outstanding corporate citizen in every community we serve". The Coca-Cola Company's 11th annual Sustainability Report highlights the progress the Coca-Cola system made in against the sustainability goals announced last year. This is the first report to include both an update on existing sustainability goals and the Company’s new global goals. According to the company’s website, some of Coca-Cola’s drinks contain small traces of fish gelatine. According to SHARK, a campaign group against animal abuse, Coca Cola is a major sponsor at many of the world's largest rodeos. SHARK documented abuse, injuries, and deaths at rodeos around America.

In a bid to reduce stresses on water resources, Coca-Cola continues to implement methods to reduce its water use. With a target of percent water replenishment byis ahead of schedulehaving replenished an estimated Globally, Coca-Cola has cemented its support for fresh water conservation, having become a signatory to a joint statement by WaterAid and longtime conservation partner, World Wildlife Fund WWF.

At The Coca-Cola Company, water also is a key ingredient in every beverage made, and a critical resource in the supply chain. It is essential to company operations and the well-being of the communities and ecosystems where they operate. The Coca-Cola Company reaches customers through the largest beverage distribution system in the world, made up of company-owned or controlled bottling and distribution operations, as well as independently owned bottling partners, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Message from our CEO Burak Başarır. CCI, the sixth-largest bottler in the Coca-Cola system in terms of sales volume, is a better and more valuable business than ever before.

All are dedicated to achieving universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene. Well-being On track to reaching its wellbeing goals, Coca-Cola continues its advocacy for healthy and happy living. Globally last year, the company introduced more than reduced-calorie, low-calorie and no-calorie beverage alternatives while supporting more than active, healthy-living programs across markets.

The coca cola company csr policy

This includes cooperation from governments, communities and private sectors. Sustainability spurs innovation, just as innovation spurs sustainability. Moreover, last year Coca-Cola and its partners recovered and recycled 48 percent of bottles and cans sent to market.

Sustainability: Coca-Cola Australia

In developed markets this figure swells to 61 percent.Ahead of Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Future for Sustainability Summit, the company partnered with Cranfield School of Management’s Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility and The Financial Times’ FT Remark to conduct research on the future of sustainability.

COCA-COLA • Coca-Cola India was established as the Indian subsidiary of the US-based Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola) in • Keeping in mind the fact that it was one of the largest beverage companies in India, Coca-Cola India said it had made CSR an integral part of its corporate agenda.

To develop and implement a complete Business Strategy for Sustainability for Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Business Unit (INSWA BU). Define a road map that puts the Coca-Cola Company ahead of the curve and find out solutions that are pragmatic, implementable and sustainable.

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According to the Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility Report () the CSR program of the company is the following: The main objective of . This case is about Coca-Cola's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in India. It details the activities taken up by Coca-Cola India's management and employees to contribute to the society and community in which the company operates.

The coca cola company csr policy

Water stewardship: Coca-Cola The drinks company has improved the efficiency of its water use by 20% and identified the need for a rigorous third-party evaluation of its water management approach.

Public Relations – Coca-Cola and Corporate Social Responsibility