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Computes the generalized eigenvalues of A and B using the Cholesky factorization of B. This algorithm ignores the symmetry of A and B. In general, the two algorithms return the same result. The QZ algorithm can be more stable for certain problems, such as those involving badly conditioned matrices.

Matlb notes

You may abbreviate the names of Matlb notes, as long as you include enough letters in the name to make it unambiguous. Also, property names are not case-sensitive. Get and Set on Multiple Objects. You can use the get and set functions on more than one object at a time by putting the object handles into a vector and then operating on the vector.

An enumerated string, such as xlUnicodeText, is much easier to remember than its equivalent numeric value, and thus makes it unnecessary to spend time looking up valid settings for a property. To list all possible enumerated values for a property of object h, use set handle, 'propertyname' To set a property to the value represented by an enumerated string, use this syntax.

Matlb notes

The enumstring argument can be abbreviated, as long as you use enough letters to make it unambiguous: You can attach your own properties to a control using the addproperty function.

The syntax shown here creates a custom property for control, h: New Event Handling Functions. You can also list all events that a control can respond to, or just those events that are currently registered, using the events and eventlisteners functions, respectively.

The events function supersedes the COM send function. Use the new inspect function to see a list of all properties belonging to a COM object or interface.

Create an Excel server object and invoke inspect to bring up the Property Inspector window shown below: You can now set more than one property value with one set command. The syntax is set h, property1, newvalue1, property2, newvalue2, The example shown here changes the Label and Radius for an mwsamp control: If you know that a server function supports multiple outputs, you can return any or all of those outputs to the MATLAB client.

With previous versions of MATLAB, you could only get back a single return value shown here as ret from a function call to the server, even for those functions that could return more than one output value: Note that pass by reference is a COM feature.

Argument Types Listed By Invoke.


The invoke function now lists data types for input and output arguments. This includes the source and description of the error, along with the location of help resources provided to assist in resolving the error: Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: Repeat method of Application class failed Help File:7 rows · Don't show me this again.

Welcome! This OCW supplemental resource provides material . Introduction, Matlab notes Math > Introduction This is a complex undertaking. Numerous people make this their lifes work, usually working on only a limited variety of mathematical problems. Within this course, we attempt to show the spirit of the subject.

Matlab Refresher¶. There are many fantastic introductions to Matlab available online and elsewhere. This short set of notes simply highlights enough of its basic functionality to refresh your memory.


MATLAB 1¶. MATLAB is short for MATrix LABoratory, and is a common high-level tool for numerical analysis in science and engineering.

A few things to know about MATLAB. The MATLAB Release Notes also provide information about recent versions of the product, in case you are upgrading from a version that was released prior to R14SP2. MATLAB for Math 20D Welcome to the gateway page for the MATLAB portion of Math 20D!

This part of the course is an introduction to the use of computer software to solve ordinary differential equations.

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