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Search US-India trade relations: It should continue to stay the course in its current approach to trade negotiations with the US.

India us trade relations

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India US Trade Relations is the significant aspect of the global and strategic partnership existing between the two countries, United States and India.

Features of India US Trade Relations The premiers of both the nations believe that the cordial India US Trade Relations will have a long lasting and positive influence on the future international system, promoting stability, democracy, prosperity and peace across the world.

This in turn have lead to an enhancement in the high-tech trade between the two countries. This agreement is supposed to increase the air connectivity between the two countries, thereby improving the commercial and trade relations.

The US-India Agricultural Alliance agreed upon onbetween the two countries concentrates on promoting teaching, research, service and commercial linkages.

In the following year under the bilateral Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture there was an agreement to link universities, technical institutions and businesses to support agriculture education, joint research and capacity building projects specially in biotechnology.

The India US Trade Relations is also characterized by the inter-dependence in terms of financial markets as US institutional investors are increasingly investing in India and on the other hand Indian multinational corporations are going on buying companies in the US and establishing operations in the US.

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Areas like infrastructure, IT, Telecom sector, energy and other knowledge industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, are the favorite areas for economic cooperation between India and the US.

Export from India to US The main export items from India to US are like precious gems and jewelry, textiles, organic chemicals and engineering goods, IT and agricultural products.

Init is found that the total amount of Indian exports to the US increased by High tariff rates on imports High surcharges and taxes on a variety of imports Non-tariff barriers on US exports to India Higher education in US for Indian Students is made a bit easier and convenient by the American institutions who have successfully reached out to international students via scholarships, exchange programs, the Fulbright Program, other grants and loans, and cost-sharing with the government.

Among the most prized institutions for higher Education in US for Indian Students, the University of Southern California is the leading host institution for all international students.

It has a significant role in developing partnerships between Indian and American institutions, and facilitates the entry and establishment of accredited US schools in India and vice versa.India and the United States share membership in a variety of international organizations, including the United Nations, G, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.

India–United States relations (or Indo-American relations) Trade relations. U.S. President George W. Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a meeting with Indian and American business leaders in New Delhi. The US is India's second largest trading partner.

Closer economic ties. Trade has transformed U.S.–India relations. “Bilateral trade has more than doubled in the last decade from $45 billion in to more than $ billion in ,” as. Economic and trade relations between the United States and India have experienced a number of ups and downs si nce India’s independence in During much of the s and early s, the Unite d States was a leading trading partner India-U.S.

Economic and Trade Relations. India US Trade Relations is the significant aspect of the global and strategic partnership existing between the two countries, United States and India.

India us trade relations

The India US Trade Relations over the years have grown to reach US $ billion in /5(15). Under both Republican and Democratic administrations, U.S.-India relations have improved significantly over the past 10 years. Today the two countries have a $ billion two-way trading.

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