How to write amharic script

The introduction covers the origins and development of the Ethio-Semitic languages in what was probably the best theory arrived at at the time of publicationand may still be the best so far.

How to write amharic script

Thursday, August 21, Words, Words, Words. Increasingly, more of my email interactions with Lulit, my language teacher, happen in Amharic.

how to write amharic script

Lulit still needs to alert me to new vocabulary, but I can tell she's trying to make frequent use of words I already know to build my confidence. In this email, Lulit confirms our next lesson and wishes me a happy Friday. This is not necessarily the norm.

Lulit had a student for three or four years who never learned the script. Lulit showed me a text message exchange between the two of them, with even identical Amharic words spelled differently. There is no standard system of transliteration for Amharic, so words can be rendered any number of ways in English.

I figure if I'm going to tax my brain anyway, I might as well do it up front and learn the script. While the Amharic script can be used on Apple laptops, the company does not support it for the iPhone or iPad. Lulit is starting a formal petition to get that changed, but in the meantime I sent my individual feedback an "enhancement request" to Apple just a few days ago, asking that Amharic be readable across all its devices.

I suppose somebody at Apple gets paid to read fringe feedback like this.

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Luckily, I don't need to rely on my iPhone to schedule my lessons. When I write to Lulit on my laptop, I copy and paste individual letters from the Amharic Wikipedia page until I have my entire message. It takes quite some time.

So today I finally installed the Amharic Keyboard from http: I was surprised that not only was it free, it also took less than a minute to install to my web browser.

Ironically, you have to know the "right" transliteration of a word to get the correct spelling in Amharic. Nevertheless, the keyboard will save me loads of time. This Amharic keyboard is now conveniently accessible in my Bookmarks toolbar. Despite having terrible seats with a view obstructed by a wall of speakers, Lulit said she enjoyed the day.

A highlight for her was seeing or at least hearing her friend Wosene Worke Kosrof, an Ethiopian painter and sculptor who lives in Berkeley, receive an award for his body of artistic work.

According to the biographical sketch on his website, Wosene his professional name is "the first contemporary Ethiopian-born artist to use the script forms — fiedel [yet another spelling!

The Color of Jazz WordPlay Lady Liberty Yet I am actually interested in the literal words Wosene uses, since it is a fun way to build my vocabulary and increase my fluency with the script. For instance, the painting above is clearly about New York.

I wonder if Wosene is implying he prefers life in the Bay Area, since the color of the bridge seems to reference the Golden Gate Bridge rather than any bridge in New York. Details from Lady Liberty "The more you look, the more you see.

Another colleague who taught art would ask his students only two questions when he showed them a painting or sculpture: Wosene has also worked with adolescents for a good part of his life, teaching them " The Pleasures and Danger of Learning to See.

Detail from Wax and Gold X When Lulit brought out a book of Wosene's art during our lesson, it was fun to watch her "seeing" more and more of the words, and subtext, and political commentary as she examined this painting: I can't tell if Wosene intends that as political commentary or a depiction of his own mind.

how to write amharic script

But he definitely intrigued me. When I got home from my lesson, I immediately went on Wosene's website to see what his work costs. It should arrive early next week. Perhaps this will add a splash of color to Suzanne's all-black outfits.

Then I remembered we have a silk scarf of the Amharic Fidel, so I put it up in the window.

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I'm facing it now as I type.# Amharic Power Geez Free Download - Free Download - EUzQgSLxff Write a review about this.

Learn how to remove Power Ge'ez from your computer. Power Ge'ez - Amharic Software for Word Processing. Windows and Android. **Amharic power geez free download for mac.** Launch the Settings on your iPhone.

Geezword is an easy and very useful. The Ethiopic script is used to write at least 40 languages in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Abyssinica SIL supports a full range of these writing systems. See the complete list . The script is also very interesting as it's completely different to any I've seen before, and it's the Amharic script, or fidel, that gave rise to the modern linguistic term Abugida (From the first four Amharic letters).

Yirgacheffe coffee from Ethiopia and writing Amharic names in Korean. This name comes from Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. In the Ethiopic script, it is written ይርጋ ጨፌ (repeated in larger size below this paragraph). Amharic belongs to the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family.

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$ Buy It Now. The Ethiopic syllabary is used in central east Africa for Amharic, Bilen, Oromo, Tigré, Tigrinya, and other languages. It evolved from the script for classical Ge'ez, which is now strictly a liturgical language.

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