Gore vidal essay collections

The following entry presents an overview of Vidal's career through For further information on his life and works, see CLC, Volumes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 22, 33, and

Gore vidal essay collections

Vidal's prose crackles and spits in all directions, from French Postmodernism to Bush's police state, but it is always both entertaining and incisive, and never less than a delight to read.

Strongly recommended to all but right-wing nutters and Sky-god followers.

Gore vidal essay collections

They discussed — or rather, Solomon attempted to discuss — a wide range of topics related to the author, including his relation to former Vice President Al Gore; the death of his old nemesis William F.

Here are excerpts of this give and take, followed by the last line of the interview: They keep explaining it to me, and I keep forgetting. I thought hell is bound to be a livelier place, as he joins forever those whom he served in life, applauding their prejudices and fanning their hatred.

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And you ought not to ask them. After reading this interview, I was haunted by two questions in particular, 1 How did Solomon refrain from reaming the man? At the time the city was a hotbed of young artists and literary wannabes, including a man named Sir Harold Acton.

And so, wanting no doubt to flesh out yet another chapter in the ongoing story of a long and marvelously uninteresting life, Acton came down to Rome to look at the new invaders.

What he believed he saw and heard, he subsequently published in a little volume called More Memoirs of an Aesthete, a work to be cherished for its quite remarkable number of unaesthetic misprints and misspellings. A caustic wit emerges in most of these essays, regardless of topic.

Vidal comes from a long line of West Point graduates. He was born at the U. After criticizing the overreaching powers of the president and the Supreme Court — in particular, the exercise and some say, abuse of executive privilege and judicial review — he succinctly summarizes the machinations of the entire American political system.

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The fact that the country is so much larger than it was makes for an appearance of variety. But the substance of the two-party system or non-system is unchanged.

This collection includes a great deal of literary criticism, and addresses figures such as Montaigne and Edmund Wilson.

Yes, I liked Italo Calvino, and I thought he was the greatest writer of my time. Email him at cdavidmartin yahoo.Jan 14,  · Vidal has also published the essay collections The American Presidency (), Gore Vidal Sexually Speaking (), and a minor collection, Virgin Islands (), in .

This irresistible sampler of Gore Vidal’s essays presents a lifetime spent thwarting the dunces of the world with his acid-tipped pen and monumental intelligence/5. Selected Essays has ratings and 27 reviews.

MJ said: This irresistible sampler of Gore Vidal’s essays presents a lifetime spent thwarting the dunces /5. The Gore Vidal Thumbnails.

Looking for a good Gore Vidal book to read? Then spend some time looking over these thumbnail glimpses of his 29 published novels, two short story collections, six theatrical plays and numerous books of nonfiction (essay collections and two memoirs). Buy a cheap copy of The Last Empire: Essays book by Gore Vidal.

A new collection of provocative, witty and eloquent essays by Gore Vidal, the greatest living American man of letters and one of the finest essayists of the Free shipping over $ THE COLLECTED ESSAYS OF GORE VIDAL User Review - Kirkus.

A splendid, savvy distillation of the best from the veteran novelist and monstermanfilm.com lively volume's raison d'etre is the inclusion of recent politically charged commentary, but most readers will 4/5(3).

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