Fabulous furballs

Growing up, Grandma and Mom always used to say that "Cleanliness was next to Godliness" and they then proceeded to show me how to clean something using a proper tool and disinfectant. Mom was a little more extreme than my Grandma. Mom was more strict than this article too. She allowed things to be a little messy but showed me how to "tidy".

Fabulous furballs

Themed, Hairy Pawter, the team worked hard to create a superb atmosphere for both exhibitors and public. Most were keen to get involved, get into character, dress up and decorate their cages.

Thank you to our valued stewards, Suniek and Sunet for coming up with this fabulous idea! The cats and their owners were out in full force for 9 full rings of judging and lots of excitement. A word from our Show Manager, Mariette Burger: So where to start? Perhaps this time with our exhibitors; what a spectacular crowd of like-minded people we had at our triple show!

Sojen, Ross and Ella, three of our well-loved KZNCC exhibitors were amongst the ranks — it was so heart-warming to see people that you sincerely missed! Our travelling exhibitors, thank you for loading your precious furries in your cars for a long trip to join our show!

The local KZN exhibitors who were there in full force, what a joy to see you all. Historically in KZN, we do not have large shows but with an entry of cats, we are so honoured for your support this year.

Love for cats are the only thing that could possibly motivate you to spend two hectic days judging to perfection. Of all our judges, only 1 were from KZN, everyone else travelled! Nicole, our local, newly qualified judge, thank you for being there and congratulations! You are a genie in a bottle!

First time for handling the admin of three consecutive shows and doing that with charm and grace! Thank you so much! Running when called without grumping even after travelling through the night to the show: And Nick, jumping in to assist with stewarding and doing a great job too!

Honestly, the only way to have accomplished this was to work together in happy union, not only before the show but also during and after! You did a sterling job with everything you set out to do, each and everyone of you. You are all GOLD.

Norma Hush, thank you for being there to create our storyboard; as always your calm aura relaxes the cats and you manage to get the best out of them!Buy Oriental Weavers Revival H Area Rug 5' 3 x 7'6"": Area Rugs - monstermanfilm.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Aug 17,  · I loved the Fabulous Furballs Premier TV show on Slice network.

Fabulous furballs

It aired August 17th, I look forward to seeing more episodes of this show on Slice! It is a local franchise, and grooming school based here in Sherwood Park, Alberta/ Fabulous Furballs Our Story Created by whim when I fell in love with this beautiful boxer shepherd mix, Harley, I specialize in decorative pet accessories including neckties, bow-ties, scrunchies, scarves, tuxedos, tutus and much more!

What was the name of that really fun game? Maybe it was a typing game with upgrades and magic powers. Or was it was a bubble shooter with cool countdown challenge and destructive power ups. Fabulous Furballs's profile on franchiserankings.

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