English as a global lingua fanca

So it must have been hard for them to take a backseat and watch English become the lingua franca of the 21st century. But revenge could be on the horizon: But it is gaining speakers quickly and, the study reports, will be spoken by million inup from million today.

English as a global lingua fanca

May 24, Author: Often, these languages have a small number of native speakers as most people speak it as a second language. Examples of such languages are: Urdu — Official in Pakistan but spoken natively by a minority.

Most know it as a second language.

English as a global lingua fanca

It is also used in some states in India. Indonesian — Official in Indonesia. It was the trade language of the Malay Archipelago where it is common to have 5 or 6 native languages spoken on one island Over in the case of Papua. They obviously needed a way to talk to each other.

It would be safe to say that this is a language which everyone knows but nobody speaks. Putonghua — Standard Chinese, based on the Beijing dialect. It is official in China and other countries in South-east Asia. On the mainland, most people outside Beijing speak a different variety.

However, in many African countries it is used for business and commerce. It all makes sense. English spelling is a nightmare. Even the name of the language is spelt incorrectly. Also consider the words tough, cough, through, and bough. All the same spelling, but all different pronunciations.

English also has too many irregular verbs.


Some kind of make sense, for example, sit-sat, come-came, see-saw, eat-ate. But others are just dumb: French spelling is also a nightmare. French also has a somewhat complicated verb conjugation system with many irregular verbs. Either way, still not a great lingua franca. Latin has complicated verb conjugation system and a complicated noun case system.

Obviously the Romans were evil. Chinese grammar is surprisingly simple. Its script is what makes it impractical although it has its advantages.

The History of English - English as a Global Language

Also, being a tonal language, pronunciation can be difficult for non-natives. Swahili grammar is also quite simple. There is only one verb which is really irregular kuja which becomes njoo in the imperative mood and conjugation is very straightforward. However, Swahili also has several noun classes which kind of act as genders.The French – whose language was the last viable alternative in the race to become the world’s lingua franca – are understandably sore about the triumph of English.

Similarly in India, where English functions as the lingua-franca of the upper classes, debate is ongoing regarding the growth and influence of Hinglish (a potential new lingua-franca that combines a mixture of Hindi and English elements) within this vast subcontinent.

The term English as a lingua franca (ELF) refers to the teaching, learning, and use of the English language as a common means of communication (or contact language) for .

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English as a lingua franca for Europe The role of English as a worldwide lingua franca is irreversible. It is therefore more fruitful to accept this role than either bemoan it or follow the. The global spread of English as a lingua franca (ELF) can be viewed as providing an unprecedented opportunity for intercultural exchange.

English as a global lingua fanca

However, there have been concerns that the dominance of English may result in linguistic and cultural ‘imperialism’ by the Anglophone settings from which the.

Lingua franca is Latin and means “French language”. The first text written in a lingua franca is from , but a simpler form of it appeared in the 11 th century. The origin of this term is from the modern era when French became the language mostly used in commerce .

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