Education is the chief defense of the nation

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Education is the chief defense of the nation

Giuliani was born to a working class family in Brooklyn, New York. As the grandson of Italian immigrants, Mayor Giuliani learned a strong work ethic and a deep respect for America's ideal of equal opportunity. InGiuliani joined the office of the U.

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InGiuliani was recruited to Washington, D. InGiuliani was appointed US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he spearheaded the effort to jail drug dealers, fight organized crime, break the web of corruption in government, and prosecute white-collar criminals.

Few US Attorneys in history can match his record of 4, convictions with only 25 reversals. InGiuliani entered the race for mayor of New York City as a candidate of the Republican and Liberal parties, losing by the closest margin in City history.

However inhis campaign focusing on quality of life, crime, business and education made him the th Mayor of the City of New York. In he was re-elected by a wide margin, carrying four out of New York City's five boroughs.

Defense Intelligence Agency COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE IN DEFENSE OF THE NATION. Defense Intelligence Agency Search. The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Americas Region will open a brand new 21st-century elementary school at Marine Corps Air Station at New River, North Carolina Aug. Read More. Back to School DoDEA welcomes new and returning students and parents to the school year! A soldier holds an American flag on an aircraft over a baseball stadium - Staff Sgt. Kori Myers, th Flight Test Squadron load master, waves the American flag out of the back of a C

As Mayor, Rudy Giuliani has returned accountability to City government and improved the quality of life for all New Yorkers. New York City's law enforcement strategies have become models for other cities around the world, particularly the CompStat program, which won the Innovations in Government Award from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

CompStat allows police to statistically monitor criminal activity on specific street corners as well as citywide, holding precinct commanders accountable for criminal activity in their neighborhoods.


Because this data is updated constantly, it enables the police to become a proactive force in fighting crime, stopping crime trends before they become crime waves that negatively effect the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

When Mayor Giuliani took office, one out of every seven New Yorkers was on welfare. Mayor Giuliani has returned the work ethic to the center of City life by implementing the largest and most successful welfare-to-work initiative in the country, cutting welfare rolls in half while moving overindividuals from dependency on the government to the dignity of self-sufficiency.

In addition, hundreds of millions of dollars have been returned to the private sector as a result of the Mayor's aggressive campaign to root out organized crime's influence over the Fulton Fish Market, the private garbage hauling industry, and wholesale food markets throughout the City.

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As news of the City's resurgence has spread around the nation and the world, tourism has grown to record levels. Mayor Giuliani is committed to nurturing and empowering New York City's children.

By creating the Administration for Children's Services, New York City now has an accountable, proactive and effective protector for our City's most vulnerable children that is recognized as a national model. Moreover, New York City is working everyday to find loving families for children requiring adoption.

Mayor Giuliani has also been a leader in getting health insurance to children through the innovative HealthStat initiative, which uses computer technology to coordinate a citywide effort to enroll children in existing health insurance programs. To date, 96, eligible children and families have been given access to health insurance through the HealthStat initiative.

These improvements have increased hope and opportunity for all New York City's children and laid the foundation for our City to be even stronger in the 21st century.

To turn around the nation's largest urban public education system, Giuliani has worked tirelessly to restore accountability and raise standards throughout the City's schools. Bureaucratic roadblocks to meaningful reform such as social promotion and principal tenure have ended, while programs such as bilingual education and special education have been reformed for the first time in a quarter century.

Under the Mayor's leadership, New York City has introduced innovative new instructional programs that improve reading skills, give all students access to computers, and restore arts education as a fundamental part of the school curriculum.

Education is the chief defense of the nation

In the past year, these successful education initiatives have been accompanied by the establishment of book libraries in every classroom and weekend classes for science and English instruction.

In Octoberthe Mayor launched the New York City Charter School Improvement Fund, the first fund ever offered by a city government to help charter schools with equipment and facilities costs.

The fund is the most recent example of the Mayor's commitment to both providing quality educational alternatives to all City families, regardless of their income, and to spurring the New York City public schools to improve through competition.

From his success at cleaning up Times Square and other public spaces around the City to closing the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, Mayor Giuliani has worked tirelessly to pass New York to the next generation better and more beautiful than it was before he entered office.Ex-IDF chief, Golani vets back Druze ‘brothers’ amid fury over nation-state law confers with then defense minister Moshe Ya’alon at the Navy war room during an . is a website dedicated to providing facts regarding the conspiracy case of Dr. Malachi Z.

Education is the chief defense of the nation

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EDUCATION IS THE CHIEF DEFENSE OF NATIONS. By, Sharjeel Ahmed Khan (B.A., It is quite an obvious fact that nations do not rise or fall without any reason. Defense Intelligence Agency COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE IN DEFENSE OF THE NATION.


Defense Intelligence Agency Search. Explore and download data and learn about education-related data and research. GO >. Defense; Energy & Environment Immigration agency chief defends striking 'nation of immigrants' from mission statement Director L.

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