Comparison between italian and northern reinassance art essay

Counter Reformation— the response of Roman church to the Protestant Reformation wherein beliefs were clarified, reaffirmed, and justified. A few main themes that can guide your discussion of all the major Italian Renaissance works include: The revival of classical styles and ideas specifically humanismreturn to the naturalistic style 3D objects and spaceand the rising status of the individual both artist and patron. An important point of contrast here is the fact that earlier large-scale sculpture decorated architecture.

Comparison between italian and northern reinassance art essay

There was an outstanding depiction of the Renaissance starting in Italy and then Northern parts of Europe. Anyhow, even though both the Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance are considered pieces of art, there were still many differences between them and also similarities which helped in the cultivation and reflection of Humanism.

To begin, differences such as in religion, ideals, and sometimes even reason of existence were evident between the two Renaissances.


These differences were as a matter of fact evident based on the diverse roots of the two Renaissances. These differences were crucial regarding the development of the Renaissance and the branches that got out of it, making the two Renaissances as much different as they were similar.

Similarities of course were shockingly not just similarities but same patterns of art, ideas, and beliefs. The paintings and anything worked by humanists were portrayed on the same realistic bases.

As the Italian Renaissance hits its climax around the 16th Other artists during the Italian Renaissance period such as Giovanni Bellini began to express their art through secular and religious Manifest of Roman and Greek ideas was obviously apparent in the way these painters worked and in the way they gave their message to the humanity.

A crucial difference between the two Renaissances was between the portrayed figures on the paintings and as a result the ideas and messages given by these paintings.

A major difference between the Northern and Italian Renaissances was that of language. Differences in language created afterwards immense disconnections from the two Renaissances.

Comparison Between Italian and Northern Reinassance Art | Essay Example

Architecture, in particular, remained Gothic until well into the 16th century. The Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance were the two periods of time when humanity had to use their beliefs, ideals, and opinions to show the real picture of the world.

Comparison between italian and northern reinassance art essay

Painters painted on a realistic background and artists used what they thought represented the reality. Similarities and differences can be found between these two Renaissances. An outstanding number of differences took the best on the similarities which are still evident even though time has shown mostly the first mentioned.

In conclusion, the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance were two of the most important movements and events which marked the end of the 14th century with their different but also somehow similar ideals and beliefs, creating in Europe what we see now, differences and similarities between people of different religions, beliefs, and ethnicity.

These two renaissances each share common elements and also have distinctive differences. First, the people of the Renaissance of Italy The main themes of the Italian Renaissance were art, music, and literature. Thought, expression, and feeling were representedA Comparison of Northern and Italian Renaissance Art PAGES 5.

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Comparison between italian and northern reinassance art essay

Sign up to view the rest of the essay. Read the full essay. Italian Renaissance Northern Renaissance While Christian in name, ideas and art were quite secular Christian based thinkers and writers who were.

In this essay, I will explore the relationship, style, and influences of the Renaissance and Baroque periods and will also compare and contrast a work of art from both periods to further explain the relationship between the two eras.

Italian Renaissance Art (–) First Things First The term Renaissance means rebirth and generally refers to this period’s revival of an interest in classical antiquity, ancient literature, humanistic principles, and classical artistic styles.

Comparison Between Italian and Northern Reinassance Art Essay The Renaissance was without a doubt the most powerful weapon that civilization has ever used to reflect and create their realistic pieces of art which represented the real humanistic spirit.

Differences between Northern Renaissance Art and Italian Renaissance Art BY noe There are many differences between .

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