A summary of the book epic of sundiata

Maghan Kon Fatta spends his time sitting under the great silk-cotton tree in Niani, and his first son, Dankaran Touman, sits with him. One day, a hunter approaches Niani with an offering for the king.

A summary of the book epic of sundiata

Get Access Sundiata v. Who is the better Epic Hero: Gilgamesh Sundiata which practices the Malian culture is symbolic of a perfect epic hero because being generous and highly favored, protecting your kinship, being loved by all and earning your fortune is highly respected.

Sundiata is the better epic hero since he embodies more epic hero qualities than Gilgamesh. In contrast Gilgamesh is not generous at all and is very malevolent towards his people of Uruk who are in constant fear of being sexually violated and employed into pointless wars and battles.

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Sundiata was highly favored in all the towns he visited while on exile. Gilgamesh was favored by none of the citizens in his Kingdom. Everyone hated him and when he went on his long quest to the Cedar Forest, they rejoiced at his absences.

Gilgamesh had only one friend Enkidu and that was because the people prayed to the gods to send him.

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If the people had not done this Gilgamesh would have had no friends because nobody cherished him. Sundiata was very protective of his kinship and friends. Once Sundiata realized that his siblings were in possible danger of Sassouma wrath, Sundiata made a conscious decision to remove his family from Mali.

In comparison, Gilgamesh only has one friend Enkidu, who Gilgamesh looks upon as a friend and a servant. While on exile Sundiata came in contact with a lot of people from different cultures, everyone praised him because he was an Intelligent, and kindhearted person.

The citizens of Uruk desired to be governed by a wise and just ruler like Sundiata, instead they were governed by a selfish and evil king. The people of Uruk disliked Gilgamesh so much that they prayed to the gods to create a companion for him Sandars The gratitude Sundiata showed towards his citizens helped him earn their respect.

Gilgamesh was not respected by his citizens and in turn they wanted a new king.

A summary of the book epic of sundiata

Another thing that sets Sundiata apart from Gilgamesh is, Sundiata was not given his kingdom he had to earn it. Sundiata had a difficult child hood because most of it was spent crawling and on exile.

Sundiata overcame this by growing into a stronge man and defeating the evil king that was stopping him from ruling Mali.

Gilgamesh on the other hand did not have to go through any trials to earn his kingdom. The gods simply made him king. If Gilgamesh had to work for his Kingdom he would have appreciated it more and treated his citizens with more respect.

The above paragraphs state why Sundiata is a better Epic hero than Gilgamesh. Sundiata embodies all of the epic hero qualities. His finest qualities are his generosity and being highly favored by others, protecting his kinship, being loved by all and earning his fortune. In, contrast Gilgamesh does not embody any of these qualities and does not surpass Sundiata as an epic hero.Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

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Sundiata Summary

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This study guide contains the following sections. Front book cover of "Sundiata." Epic of Sundiata (also known as the Sundiata Keita or the Sundiata Epic) is an epic poem which tells the story of Sundiata Keita, the founder of the Mali Empire.

The story originated in the 14th century in present-day Mali, and was passed down through oral history by generations of griots (men who served as poets . The Sundiata Keita or Epic of Sundiata (also referred to as the Sundiata Epic or Sunjata Epic) / s ʊ n ˈ dʒ ɑː t ə / is an epic poem of the Malinke people and tells the story of the hero Sundiata Keita (died ), the founder of the Mali Empire.

Sundiata Plot Summary. This plot summary of the Sundiata epic organizes the tale using the Monomyth structure. Call to Adventure. The young prince Sunjata has grown so popular in Niani that Queen Sassouma is jealous and fears that the people will prefer him as king to her own son, Dankaran Touman.

Determined to rid herself of the young .

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